Anti Microbial Fogging as a technique for the eradication of microbes in South Africa began on the 1st February 1996 when Mike: van Niekerk, founder of (ADS) realised that a residual disinfectant in an aerosol state will carry into nearly all of the airspace in a building, thus solving the problem of disinfecting those hard to reach places that are not cleaned daily, where microbes tend to thrive, causing returns, loss and shortening of shelf life for products already in the market place. Fogging could create a disinfecting residual cocoon in a food processing plant, a operating theatre, a nursery school, an old age home, in a fridge etc. The possibilities could be endless?

Mike then approached the former Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) Professor C.W. Holzapfel Department of Chemistry to help finalise a non-hazardous broad spectrum (HIGH LEVEL) disinfectant that he had developed that could have an effective microbial kill rate for up to 30 days.

SteriFog - Fogging

Why? Disinfect.

Disinfecting homes, offices, hospitals, public buildings, food production plants and any closed environment or surface is a never-ending task. The constant flow of people, pets in the environment and circulating air continuously bring in a new population of microbes that are the cause of many different dis-eases.

These microbes vary greatly in size, cell wall structure and ability to withstand adverse living conditions. Some microbes have cell walls of thick protein or fat, others are covered by wax, starch or thick mucus. Many, when exposed to extreme heat, cold or dryness form cysts that spring back to life when conditions become favourable.

Laboratory and field studies have proven Advanced Disinfecting Services’ products and techniques to be 100% effective against all of the above.


Modern life, stress, refined foods, and closed working environments are putting tremendous stress on the immune system. We are at present on our last strain of antibiotics and thus need to look at more and more alternative ways to help our immune systems fight of sickness and disease. As a species, we need to go back to basics.


ADS develops, manufactures and uses these highly effective products and techniques that are combined with service and back up. These products and techniques have been proven and tested in the industry and THEY WORK!


ADS is a company that operates in many fields where health, hygiene, and absolute levels of sterility is required. ADS has finally perfected a system that is not only highly effective, but saves customers thousands of Rands per annum.

"Does Your Hygiene Turn Heads or Stomachs"
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