Fogging is the answer for areas where normal cleaning and disinfecting procedures are ineffective and microbes could be causing a problem. With a specialised fogging machine the product is applied with an atomising effect causing the particle size to be so small that it penetrates the hard to clean, reach and touch surfaces. With this vapourising of liquid a fine mist is suspended in the air and also onto surfaces that leaves all contact areas slightly moist for about 10 minutes.

After several years of being unable to make use of fogging because of the toxicity of disinfectants available on the market, fogging is once again available as an option to thoroughly and professionally disinfect larger problem areas.


Being safe for use where people and animals are present, our product is the perfect disinfectant for use in operating theaters, clinics, medical surgeries, patient’s rooms, beauty salons, schools, hairdressing salons, child care and frail care facilities, physiotherapy rooms, food processing plants, conference centres, gyms, homes, the scope is endless.

The product and use of our DIY fogging ensures that a broad spectrum of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, moulds, algae and house dust mites, are killed. The special Quadex formula has a proven 30-day residual effect under laboratory conditions, which means that it continues to kill the disease-causing organisms long after it has been applied. With monthly fogging we create a residual on top of residual effect, giving our clients the microbial results and peace of mind they aspire to.


Initially, ADS fogging specialists will inspect the premises to assess the nature of the problem, type of business, current level of hygiene, microbial load, etc. Information about the type of fogging, frequency, implementation of 3rd party independent swab tests, consultation as to current level of hygiene will need to be addressed in order to create a win-win business relationship. A holistic approach to hygiene is thus paramount. (It is pointless for potential clients to only rely on fogging to solve their microbial problems when there are many factors that could create microbial contamination? - Factory blindness - air flow - pest control - poor hygiene - cleaning chemical usage (cationic/anionic mix) etc. A fogging contract will be offered so that our potential clients can have absolute peace of mind as to the on-going and safe monthly disinfecting of their production facility or premises. Our approach is thus far more than just offering a monthly fogging service treating symptoms, rather than a cause.

FACTORY BLINDNESS: I have a saying.... "If you live long enough in your own dirt, eventually you do not see it anymore"

SteriFog - Fogging


Once the quotation is accepted and a contract is formalised, our new customer will be presented with a Fogging Advice Programme (FAP) on a monthly basis containing a proposal specifically designed to address their current hygiene level and our particular requirements in regards to problem areas that need addressing and rectifying of special wishes and demands we have so that we can together reach the hygiene standard we want to achieve. (We have such trust and integrity with a lot of our clients, that we are the only company allowed on their premises with a camera and can thus photograph problems and the SHEQM - QAM - INFECTION CONTROL SISTER now has visual material of potential problems or possible poor hygiene that we point out to them this way and can so action and rectify immediately. (A picture tells a thousand words)

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